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We are the masonry specialists on the South Shore

With the experience passed on by our father and our masonry training, we have become true craftsmen over the years, specializing in the repair and restoration of private homes, heritage buildings, old buildings and income properties.

Stéphane and Hugo have over 25 years of expertise in the masonry field. Their goal is to exceed their customers' expectations, no matter how complex the job. They handle all construction and renovation projects on Montreal's South Shore.

Our motto: build strong, weather-resistant structures.

To achieve this, we prepare the products and select the tools to be used (mortar, cement, trowel, etc.). 

Then we carefully assemble the materials and carry out the finishing work. As specialists in exterior masonry renovation, we can assure you of impeccable results.

We are experts in rejoining operations.

Over time, brick joints can suffer severe weather damage. The mortar can crumble and the bricks can come unstuck. This can lead to serious problems such as water infiltration and even partial or total wall collapse.

Our company is well-equipped and well-versed in rejoining operations. We can restore walls on both residential and commercial properties.

Camion de la compagnie ASH-Maçonnerie
Gros travaux sur une maison en pierre nécessitant une nacelle.

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